Stickler Syndrome

Stickler syndrome is a genetic connective tissue disorder caused by a range of collagen gene mutations. Symptoms may include cleft palate, cataracts, and/or retinal detachments at an early age, extreme myopia, hyperextensibile joints and arthritis, a somewhat flat face and small jaw, and/or high frequency hearing loss.
Dave Hawley’s Stickler Syndrome Page
This personal page is packed with links to online resources about Sticker’s. Though not updated regularly, it’s still a good source for references.
GeneClinics’ Stickler Syndrome (Hereditary Arthroophthalmopathy)
An excellent overview of the disorder, including information about diagnosis and description, management, genetic implications, resources and references.
Stickler Involved People (SIP)
This web site features medical and coping information, news, personal narrtives, links, and networking information.
Stickler Syndrome Support Group
The home page of this British support group includes frequently asked questions and web links.
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