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The DRM WebWatcher is designed to link Disability Resources Monthly subscribers and others with the best disability resources on the web. The WebWatcher includes a wide range of national and international websites, documents, databases, and other informational materials.

There are several easy ways to find the subjects that interest you in the WebWatcher:

Main Index: The best way to find specific subjects or disabilities in the WebWatcher is to use the main index – a complete, alphabetical list of all subjects and disabilities. Browse through the listings with your scroll bar or use your browser’s “find” feature. This index is long and may take some time to load depending on the speed of your modem and the time of day you are visiting.

Shortcuts Index: Using the shortcuts indexes at the top of every WebWatcher page will bring you to a quicker-loading index page for that letter only. For example, if you’re interested in housing issues, select “H.” If you don’t find the subject you’re looking for, try the letters for some related words or go to the complete index. There is also a separate page with a shortcuts index in larger print. If you prefer using the shortcuts index, you may wish to bookmark this page.

Search Engine: Our search engine will identify resources in The WebWatcher as well as other sections of this website by keyword.

Starred Sites: Please note that we ONLY list sites that meet our criteria. A large asterisk (*) next to a listing simply means that we recommend that site as a “first stop” because of its comprehensiveness or authority.

Local Resources: For links to organizations serving specific states or localities, use The DRM Regional Resource Directory.

Links in The DRM WebWatcher and other sections of this website are selected by the staff of Disability Resources Monthly. Please feel free to review our criteria and suggest an appropriate link.